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MacConnect Wireless Users Encouraged to Switch to MacSecure


August 25, 2011


MacTRAC: or go the Human Resources website. MacTRAC is located under the Managers tab.

July 18, 2011

Desk Schedule Begins Thursday, September 8

Please check the desk schedules in Google Calendar (IT Help Desk 1 and Thode) to verify your shifts. Mills shifts start at 8:00am SHARP. You may switch between yourselves, just be sure you let me know. Also, indicate in your email whether the switch is for the whole term or not.

Please make yourself familiar with Printsmart by reading through all the content on this website:

July 18, 2011

Online Health & Safety Courses

For Violence and Harrassment follow this link:

For AODA Customer Service go here:

You will need to enter your macid and password.

Once you've completed the course, forward your confirmation email to me.

July 18, 2011

Reading Week

Monday, February 15 is a holiday. All Libraries are closed.

Google Calendar

Please check to make sure you can view 2 schedules in Google calendar. If you can't see Thode and Mills, I'll delete your Google username and add you again. Have a look this week and email me if you need to have it fixed.

Thank you

July 18, 2011

Fire Alarm Procedure for Mills


In the event of an emergency, Fire Wardens are required to do the following:

1. Quickly locate a fire warden vest and put it on

2. Get a walkie talkie and ensure it is turned on

3. Encourage staff and users in the immediate area to exit through the closest emergency exit, then exit the building yourself. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that no users enter the building until the ALL CLEAR message is received.

The following entrances/exits need to be covered:

1. The tower entrance door

Fire wardens are asked to stay at their posts until they receive the All Clear, or until they are relieved by someone else. If you need to get to your class, Walkie Talkie Facilities staff to let them know you must leave. Fire wardens should be monitoring communications on the walkie talkie in case they are asked to provide additional information or assistance.

As a reminder, fire wardens are always expected to make decisions that are in the best interest of their safety. Please never re-enter or travel upwards within the building while it is in alarm. There is no expectation to do so. The fire warden system is one that supplements everyone's responsibility to exit the building in a safe and timely manner upon commencement of the alarm.

This process has been confirmed with the team @ EOHSS, and Chris Hurley: Manager, Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services (EOHSS)

-taken from an email by Anne Pottier: Associate University Librarian, Library Services

July 6, 2011

McMaster Health Forum & Lyons New Media Centre Now Open

The 4th floor of Mills now houses a "Health Forum" (Faculty of Health Sciences) and new Lyons Media Centre (University Library).

More information can be found on their websites:
McMaster Health Forum

Lyons New Media Centre

February 5, 2010

Meetings: Minutes

Thank you to everyone who came to the meetings. I've compiled a list of what was discussed.


January 18, 2010

Starting Monday

Lost & Found

A minor change to the procedure for handling Lost and Found items at Mills will be implemented, starting Monday. Write down a description of the item turned in (+ date & time) before taking it downstairs to the 1st a black notebook at Desk 2. No need to send an email.

Use the cupboard area in Desk 2 to store anything you can't take down during or just after your shift. Important items such as wallets should be taken to 1st floor Lost & Found immediately. If you are alone, drop it off at the Research Help Desk if you have to. If you have time and stuff is 'piling up', record the information in the book and take them downstairs.

Checking IT Help email

For the remainder of the term, one SC each day (Mills) will check the libaskit email and answer or forward any questions in the inbox. I will explain the procedure to each of you next week. The password for this email is in the Help Desk manual. This will be the email-checking schedule for now:

Sunday: Ahmad
Monday: Sofia
Tuesday: Ferdos
Wednesday: Abhinav
Thursday: Amin
Friday: Samuel
Saturday: Amran

It is not an onerous task (this email account only receives between 20-40 emails a month).

Log in here:


Our new Meebo username is maclibraryit (check the manual for the password). Signing in is only done at Mills Desk 1 and the hours are (approximately):

Mondays - Fridays



Take Meebo offline when it is too busy to be able to respond.

Surveying the Second Floor

Periodically, when there is double coverage at the Mills Desk, go around to the PCs on the other side of the floor and check for hand made Out of Order signs. Often, they are placed there by users attempting to 'reserve' a computer. They may have jiggled loose a cable in the back just enough to disconnect the internet or power.

Suggested steps:

  • Try to get it working again, (maybe it's truly malfunctioning), ie. reconnect cables or restart the computer
  • Not working? Check the Problem System report by equipment number to see if another SC has reported it already.
  • No report? Post our sign on it, file a report if you can't fix it - include the date and your name
  • Perform a 2nd floor survey every 4 hours at the start of these shifts:
9:30am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm and 9:30pm

January 15, 2010


Just a friendly reminder that we are holding the second SC meeting today, January 15, 1:30-2:20pm in the Connections Centre (across from CAVs, 1st floor of Mills)

Amin will be on hand to address several responses I received from the survey:


Roger Periard and Derek Bragg from Local Systems will also be at the meeting to talk about Deep Freeze, triage for public PC problems and the upcoming change to the printing system (Summer 2010). Please bring any questions you might have.

January 15, 2010

Watching DVDs

If a student comes to the desk to say they can't view a DVD (ie. movie) on a public computer, please advise them that they will only be able to view it on a Mac (operating in the Mac o/s). DVDs will not run with the Windows o/s (ie Windows Media Player).

January 14, 2010

Survey Questions

Please click on the link below and answer the four survey questions: I'd like feedback about what you would like to discuss at the meetings next week. Thank you!

Meeting Times:

Wednesday, January 13
Connections Centre, Mills
(first floor, across from CAVs office)


Friday, January 15
Connections Centre, Mills
(first flr)


January 7, 2010


Please welcome our new Microcomputer Support Technicians from Mohawk College;
Yvon-Albert (Yanie) Nicole and Abdiwahab (Abdi) Maalin effective January 4, 2010 until April 30, 2010. Both students will be working with Wiktor Rzeczkowski.

Abdi and Yanie will take turns working on the IT Help Desk in Mills Learning Commons weekdays from 8:00am-10:00am.


January 6, 2010

January Meetings

Welcome back, everyone! I have scheduled two meetings. Please attend the one that fits your schedule. I will be emailing a survey later today asking you what you would like to review and discuss. If you can't make it, let me know, but please go ahead and respond to the survey. Thank you.


The survey questions have now been emailed. Please fill out the four sections during your shift this week (or at another convenient time).

Meeting Times

Wednesday, January 13
Connections Centre, Mills
(first floor, across from CAVs office)


Friday, January 15
Connections Centre, Mills
(first flr)


January 4, 2010

January Meeting(s)

I am in the process of scheduling Staff meetings for all of us in January. It's a chance to refresh and review pertinent topics/procedures. The tentative dates are January 13, 10:30am-11:30am and January 15, 1:30pm-2:30pm. (please attend one or the other). I will send out more information on January 4 or 5, along with a survey I would like everyone to fill out (please): it will help me determine what you would like discussed.

Term 2

It Help Desk Service resumes (after December 22, 2009) at Mills, Thode and Innis on Monday, January 4. Please take note of your shifts in Google Calendar.

Construction project

A definitive start date for the new construction project in Mills has not been set. However, once the renovation is underway, it will affect the Help Desks in Mills (+ half or most of the public space). IT Service will have to move to the other side of the 2nd floor, and/or the 1st floor. I'm hopeful that: 1. We'll be given more info in early January, and 2. All SCs at Mills can continue to work their shifts next term.

'Good luck on your exams and have a wonderful break! See you in the New Year!''

I will be checking my Google email periodically after December 20


December 11, 2009

Late Night Shifts

Please call Campus Security at Midnight (10pm on Sundays) if the Security Guard ("G4S Security") does not show up on time.

Campus Security
ex. 24281

Thank you

December 11, 2009



For NEXT week --> December 13-19 and the partial week of December 20-26, you do not need to send me timesheets.

Please cc when there is a shift change.

Timesheets for the last 2 weeks of 2009 are complete, based on the Google calendar(s): I will check them over again this Friday, December 11.

I am off from December 12 to January 4.

Thank you

December 9, 2009

IMPORTANT: Lost and Found

When a user has lost something, and you have determined and confirmed you have their lost item in hand, please go ahead and return it, as usual, once you get their signature/ID #, etc.

IF the item is not in the lost and found storage area, please do not say that we may have had the thing they were looking for, or that it was just sent to security, etc. What usually happens is the student heads right over to security saying something like "the library said they sent my thing to you". Their item may or may not have been turned in, it may or may not be their item at all, it may be sitting in Shipping waiting for Mail Services to pick it up and deliver it to Security, it may be sitting in a box at Security waiting to be unpacked, and we of course have no control over what happens anywhere else.

Security would prefer it if you direct anyone who has lost something to their lost & found form on their website @ . If, when, the item makes its way to security, Security will contact the person directly. Or, just tell them everything gets sent to Security, but don't try to give them any more detail than that.

December 1, 2009

Anne Pottier, AUL

Cisco Clean Agent: Certificate issue

The certificate issue (described by Samuel below), with regard to CCA, has been reported to UTS, in the event that they can make a change at their end to eliminate this problem completely.

Patrons are experiencing an unusual problem with certificate issues. They cannot use Mac-connect wireless because when they log in to Cisco Clean Access, they are asked for a 'service revocation certificate' (or something along this line).

Some SCs have been sending patrons to UTS, but really this is a problem we can solve. [Please] revisit the training materials for in-depth knowledge or refreshing.

For quick solve, go to INTERNET EXPLORE -> TOOLS -> INTERNET OPTIONS -> ADVANCED -> scroll down to security and uncheck/untick CHECK FOR SERVER CERTIFICATE REVOCATION* and check USE SSL 2.0.

This should solve the problem.

November 30, 2009

Changes to Hours

The last day (for consulting service) at Thode Library is Sunday, December 6 and Friday, December 4 at Innis Library.

Service starts again in these libraries on Monday, January 4.

In Mills (Desk 1 and 2), service continues until Tuesday, December 22 (10:00pm).

From Monday, December 7 until Monday, December 21, the Learning Commons will be open 24/7. (No change to shifts)

In the new year, please be advised that, due to construction (on the 4th floor, directly above the Learning Commons), service in Mills may be affected. As more details become available, I will send out additional information.


November 20, 2009

Term 2 Shifts

I've begun to enter names for shifts beginning January 4, based on the timetables I've received. This is a very rough draft. If you see I've scheduled you for a shift you can't do or don't want, please let me know. There's room and time to move people around. If you can't view the 4 Google calendars, please let me know and I will re-invite you.


November 16, 2009

Effective Immediately: Copycards

message from Geoff Woods

In the past, any user who had a problem with their copycard was instructed to go to the information desk at Titles Bookstore to have it fixed.

Beginning Thursday November 12th, all users with "flagged" copycard problems should be directed to the Main Service Desk @ Mills Library.

Staff at Mills Library will only be fixing Flagged Cards. Vendacopy staff will be fixing all other problems.

Keep in mind that if a users card is flagged , the first option for the card holder is to return to the LAST MACHINE IT WORKED ON and re-insert it to be fixed. If the user can't remember which machine, then direct them to Mills.

Misreads, invalid data, etc. can be left at the circulation desk where the problem card was reported and we will fix it upon our next visit.

Refunds are still handled the same as before.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask.

Geoff Woods
Vendacopy Services Ltd.

November 12, 2009

Wireless Connectivity at Thode Library

Our Local Systems department added additional ports at Thode for wireless connectivity today. This should help with the number of incidents of “unable to connect” we've been experiencing. (I've been told that when there are problems connecting to the internet wirelessly and a problem report is completed, there is usually nothing that can be done about it since it’s a problem with the number of ports).

Hopefully these additional ports will help with this problem, and you will find there will be fewer reports to fill out (for these occurences).

November 10, 2009

Library Copy Card Machines

If a client's card becomes stuck in the copy card [debit] machine (1st or 2nd floor; or Innis or Thode), please call Geoff on his cell immediately, day or night. If it goes into Voice Mail, leave a detailed message. A Library Problem Report form does not need to be filled out.

Also, when filling in problem reports, please enter your own email (since you are the sender) OR use Please cc me (OR AND cc (unless it is not related at all to a computer issue).

November 9, 2009

Term 2 - Timetables

At your earliest convenience, please email me your Term 2 timetable. In November, I will start putting the Term 2 schedule into place (weekdays). The new schedule will take effect on Monday, January 4, 2010.

Along with your timetable, please give me your preferences for shifts.

  • I won't start to match people up to shifts until Monday, November 16.

Weekends (Thode, Mills) will stay the same. If you wish to drop a weekend shift, however, just let me know and I'll advertise it.
Remember: the last day this term for Thode and Innis shifts is:

Friday, December 4 - for Innis
Sunday, December 6 - for Thode

There will be no service [provided by SCs] in Mills Learning Commons on Wednesday, December 23 or Thursday, December 24 (= no desk shifts).

October 26, 2009

UTS Labs

Please encourage students to use the UTS labs on campus if they need access to a program we can't provide (see list below) or if they want an alternative place on campus to print (vouchers are required)

  • Office Suite: Access, Word, PPT (2003, SP2)
  • Maple, Minitab, SPSS, SAS
  • Borland C++ command Line Tools, Free Pascal, GSview
  • Flash Player, Quicktime, Shockwave Player, Sun Java Runtime Environment

UTS Lab Hours - until December 4

Monday to Thursday, 8:30am-11:20pm
Friday, 8:30am-5:20pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10:00am-10:00pm

Monday to Thursday, 8:30am-11:20pm
Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday, CLOSED

KTH - Kenneth Taylor Hall (B121, B123), ex 24230, 24165
BSB - Burke Science (241, 242, 244, 249), ex 24820, 22085
JHE - John Hopkins (233, 234), ex 24529
ABB - Arthur Bourns (166), ex 26107

All centres are equipped with HP LaserJet 8100N printers. The current cost is $0.10 per page. Students will need to go to Titles bookstore and purchase a printing voucher. The debit cards used in the Library for printing cannot be used in the labs.

"Vouchers can be purchased from the bookstore cashiers in increments of $5. If you are Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate or a Graduate student, the money will be automatically added to your account overnight. You are encouraged to plan ahead for your printing needs as you cannot print without funds in your account."


October 21, 2009

Local Systems Staff

If a situation or problem requires an SC to contact someone in Local Systems, please review this list of individuals and their responsibilities before deciding who to call:

Roger Periard (x 23586) - user desktops, domain and print servers, microcomputer support

Derek Bragg (x 24157) – Wong laptops, lending laptops, microcomputer support

Karen Foster (x 21311) - for Horizon /classic MORRIS /Endeca problems, catalogue data issues, Evergreen implementation

John Fink (x 21343) – grid computing, Evergreen implementation, Blog/wiki server downtime, 2.0 Toolbox (blogs & wikis), emerging technologies

Wiktor Rzeczkowski (x 23877) – Horizon/ Endeca / LibAccess – technical side of things; server problems

Matt McCollow (x 27522) – library website, web and training specialist, Endeca user interface

Nick Ruest ( x21276) – digitization projects, institutional repository

If you cannot reach the individual you are looking for, please contact Tamara.

In the event that you can't reach Tamara OR downstairs (1st Floor desk of Mills), call the IT Cell phone: 905-741-9955 or Anne Pottier’s cell phone: 905-870-2317. (Also, there is an ex. listed on the top right corner of the Mills phone: it rings downstairs to a line that is kept open).

October 19, 2009

Maclibraries Expo - Tuesday, October 20

Mills Library has a special event day planned for Tuesday, between 10am and 1pm. You can read about the Maclibraries Expo on the Libstaff website.

You will notice students taking pictures in the library as part of the Amazing Library Photo Race. In particular, students will be taking pictures close to the IT Help Desk, the Research Help Desk and the self check-out machines on the first floor. Participants will be directed to avoid taking pictures of library staff and of other students.

October 16, 2009

LibAccess and MacID reactivation

The Library received an unusually large number of emails this morning from users reporting that they can no longer login to LibAccess. Jennifer McKinnell (HSL) spoke with UTS about the issue and they reported that all MAC IDs were set to expire on October 14th and users were notified multiple times that they need to "renew" their MAC IDs before the 14th (yesterday).

Bottom line? Some students don't regularly check their @mcmaster email accounts, so they would have missed the reminders from UTS. SO, if you get anyone at the desk asking about this, please direct them to MUGSI, where they will have to click the link "Activate your MAC ID" to restore their access.

October 15, 2009

CCA & Updates for Library Laptops

As you are all aware, Student Consultants do not have Administrative access to library computers. Please continue to place problem reports if a student comes to you with a library-owned laptop that can't run due to missing updates.

Laptops in this condition should not be circulating, once they have be labeled as needing updates. If you are finding an increased amount of students coming to your desk with laptops with outdated updates, Clean Access issues, please continue to report this to me. In the meantime, I will have further discussions with the appropriate departments to see if we can improve this service.

Thank you
October 6, 2009


Please log all questions you receive during your shift on our Statistics Reporting Form:

Refer to our manual for Log-in information.


  • Remember to change the first drop-down field to Mills IT (or Thode IT or Innis IT, whichever applies).
  • Indicate:
    • what TYPE of question it was (ie. directional, "refer to other university dept.", etc.)
    • how much time was spent
    • whether it was received via email, in-person, phone or Instant Message (Meebo)

Thank you


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