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This wiki has not been created to circumvent LibStaff, nor the Research Help Blog, but to complement them and help keep the older information from getting lost in the shuffle and out of date.

If you'd like to contribute to this site, please contact Kelly Penfold at penfold AT mcmaster DOT ca.

To see what's been edited/added recently, have a look at the All Recent Changes page.

Fun Stuff

  • You can change the width of the wiki by clicking on the two little squares next to "OPTIONS" in the top right corner of this page. It's actually changing the width of this box on the screen from a fixed size on the screen, to one that is more fluid and will change with the size of your browser window. Play around with it and see what you prefer!
  • You can also change the colour of the navigation column on the right side of the screen. Again, next to "OPTIONS", you will see seven coloured boxes. Click on them to change the colour!

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